My very first Experience with Internet

How is it going Bro? *PewdsStyle hahaha

Good day for ya’ll, so I recently got this task, telling you about my first experience with internet, kind of confused about what should i write here because it happened like long time ago, but imma going to tell you what I remember. And if you’re asking me about why on earth I wrote this in English that’s because my college logo ‘World class university’ so I think that’d be great idea if for once I use English. and if by any chance you found grammar error in this post….well at least i’ve tried to avoid it but i didn’t make it, because I is Smart. lol

so here you go. it’ll started when i was in 4th grade, my Dad back from work and he brought a brand new computer, i still remember it is a computer with 128MB of RAM, pentium 4, and 80GB Storage, cool enough on that time. Dad actually bought it for my sister because she’s already in 9th grade and she needed that kind of thing to support her study but as you know “I is Smart” therefore I’m the one in family who used it a a lot.

Alright that the short story about how i got my computer and that’s the beginning of entire story. You know as soon you spent a lot of time in front of computer you want something different so you wont get bored, this is one of the cause I met internet. the standard Windows XP Dekstop background, you know.. it’s a view of a hill and a bright blue sky, got me bored and i started to change the background daily, but i’m not satisfied so i decided to go to internet cafe to get more background, and again, if you ask me why I went to internet cafe, that because i have no internet connection at home that time due to my parent simple thought about internet, they thought internet was a bad influence, but now I get it why, because somehow it’s true lol. So when i was in internet cafe the first thing i did it is search for background on Google image, i used my floppy disk to save all images i got and just go straight home when i’m done. i downloaded a lot..really really lot of Pokemon pictures and after spending an hour or so i went home and directly moved all the pictures i got to my computer and change the desktop background.

That’s all fellas, hope ya’ll understand. Have a good day! *cheers


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